Can not believe how fast and well they rebuild the roof. The water now does not puddle. Highly recommend Apex East Roofing to anyone who has a flat roof where water puddles. They do it right!

Revere PlazaLinwood, New Jersey

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Removed Existing Roofing System / Inspected and Replaced all Rotted Plywood
Installed Owens Corning® WeatherLock® Self-Sealing Ice & Water Barrier
Removed and Replaced all Rotted Plywood and Joists
Installed 4-6 inches of Insulation to Create a Pitch from one Side of the Roof for Water to run off to Scuffer Box
Installed Owens Corning® TruDefinition® DURATION® Architectural Shingles / With Patented SureNail® Technology / Colonial Slate / Used Only Electro Galvanized Nails
Cut and Installed Owens Corning® VentSure® Ridgedroll Ridge Vents with Weather PROtector® / Finished with Owens Corning® “Ridge Caps”
Cleaned and Removed Debris / Finished with Industrial Magnet Wheel to Seek Old Nails
Installed TPO with Welded Seams to Replace Rubber Roof (white area)

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