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We use, VELUX  a well-known manufacturer of skylights

VELUX is a well-known and reputable manufacturer of skylights and roof windows. They offer a wide range of skylight products designed to bring natural light into residential and commercial spaces. Here are some key features and benefits of VELUX skylights:

1. Natural Light: VELUX skylights are designed to maximize the amount of natural light entering a space, brightening up interior areas and reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. This can create a more inviting and pleasant environment.

2. Ventilation: Many VELUX skylights are available in venting or operable options, allowing you to open them and promote airflow and ventilation in your space. This can help improve indoor air quality and provide a fresh and comfortable atmosphere.

3. Energy Efficiency: VELUX offers skylights with advanced energy-efficient features, such as low-E coatings and insulated glazing, which help reduce heat transfer and improve thermal performance. This can contribute to energy savings and better temperature regulation in your home.

4. UV Protection: VELUX skylights are often equipped with glazing options that block a significant amount of harmful UV rays. This helps protect your furniture, flooring, and other interior elements from fading or damage caused by prolonged UV exposure.

5. Design and Style: VELUX skylights come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate different architectural styles and personal preferences. Whether you prefer fixed skylights, venting skylights, or skylights with blinds or shades, VELUX offers options to suit your needs.

6. Rain Sensors and Remote Control: Some VELUX skylights can be equipped with rain sensors and remote control functionality. The rain sensor automatically closes the skylight when it detects rain, while remote control allows for convenient operation and adjustment from anywhere in the room.

7. Easy Installation: VELUX skylights are designed for relatively straightforward installation, and they provide installation instructions and resources to assist both professionals and skilled DIYers. However, it is often recommended to have a professional installer handle the installation to ensure proper fit, weatherproofing, and warranty compliance.

When considering VELUX skylights, it’s important to consult with a local VELUX dealer or distributor. They can provide you with detailed information about specific skylight models, features, installation requirements, and pricing. They will also be able to assess your space and recommend the most suitable skylight options for your needs and budget.

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